Business Management - International Business (GIBM400)
Business Programme
Business Management - International Business (GIBM400)
Computer Coding/ Programming (GICO200)
Technology Programmes
Computer Coding/ Programming (GICO200)
Cyber Security Engineering (GICS200)
Technology Programmes
Cyber Security Engineering (GICS200)
Computer Security refers to safeguarding and securing computers and their related information, networks, software, and hardware from unauthorized access, misuse, theft, information loss, and other security issues. Computer security fundamentally...
English Language (GIEN006)
Modern Languages Programme
English Language (GIEN006)
French Language (GIFR200)
Modern Languages Programme
French Language (GIFR200)
Phone Repairs Certification (GIPR200)
Technology Programmes
Phone Repairs Certification (GIPR200)
Tax Accounting Professional Certification (GITAX400)
Business Programme
Tax Accounting Professional Certification (GITAX400)
Computer Software Engineering (SOFTENG300)
Technology Programmes
Computer Software Engineering (SOFTENG300)
The Diploma in Software Development program is aimed at creating software engineering professionals with the core knowledge in software development and web development as well. As the current industry demands more web application developers the...

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