Certified Online Instructor (COIBL 100)

Why Become Certified?

If you teach online, or plan to teach online in the future, becoming a Certified Online Instructor makes sense. The Online Instructor Certification course, and the prerequisite workshops, will help you learn and practice the technical skills you'll need to teach online as well as the pedagogical skills and best practices needed to design and deliver quality online courses.

In addition to the numerous pedagogical benefits, instructors who are certified to teach online may be eligible to receive stipends for the development of fully online courses.

All faculty members (including part-time faculty members and adjuncts) are eligible to become Certified Online Instructors. Staff members and graduate assistants may also be eligible to complete the certification course, with permission from their supervisors or department chairs.

The Online Instructor Certification course provides faculty members with the pedagogical skills needed for teaching online, including the Principles of Good Practice, around which high quality, effective online courses are designed. Course participants will create a single content module in (that could potentially become part of a full online course).
  • SECTION 1: Distance Educations (COIBL 050 )
  • Preambule to this Course: Computer System and Internet
  • Lesson 1: Implementing Technology to Education
  • Lesson 2: Campus Learning vs Distance Learning
  • Video Presentation
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Section 2: Course Management Systems for E-Learning (COIBL 101) 1d
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Course Management System
  • Power Point Presentation (CMS)
  • Lesson 2: Dynamic CMS vs Static CMS
  • Video Presentation
  • Power Point Presentation (CMS)
  • Lesson 3: AI makes the difference
  • Video Presentation (AI)
  • Section 3: Resources and Strategies for E-Learning (COIBL 102) 3d
  • Section 4: Design and Delivery of Instruction for E-Learning (COIBL 103) 5d
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed